2019 SFMP 2.0 Interim Assurance Report

The fourth limited assurance over APRIL Group’s implementation of its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) 2.0 has been completed by KPMG Performance Registrar Inc. (KPMG PRI) in 2019. The report covers the period between 1 January 2018 and 31 December 2018, providing details of KPMG’s scope of the work and its findings, which include confirmation that APRIL’s mill operations are based solely on sustainable plantation fiber, and updates on the progress made by APRIL and its supply partners in 2018 in maintaining conservation areas with almost no fire related impacts. KPMG also carried out a limited assurance of APRIL’s progress in implementing action plans related to opportunities for improvement and non-conformances identified in its third limited assurance report, published in July 2018, which covered all 45 performance indicators developed to monitor the implementation of SFMP 2.0.