2018 SFMP 2.0 Full Assurance Report

In 2018, KPMG Performance Registrar Inc. (KPMG PRI) has completed a limited assurance engagement over APRIL Group’s (APRIL’s) implementation of its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP 2.0) commitments, as commissioned by APRIL’s independent Stakeholder Advisory Committee. SAC organized a forum in Pekanbaru on 12 September 2017 on the draft set of indicators for the 2018 full audit of APRIL’s implementation of its policy. Additionally SAC  launched a 30-day public consultation on this set of indicators.

The report, issued in August 2018, describes the scope of the work conducted and KPMG PRI’s findings, which include 2 non-conformances and 12 opportunities for improvement. APRIL’s Action Plans are available as Annex to the report.