As an interim initiative, in January 2016 a team from KPMG PRI carried out a specified auditing procedure on three key commitments made in SFMP 2.0 that relate to the phasing out of mixed hardwood fiber from APRIL’s supply chain:

  • Effective immediately, APRIL and its suppliers will only develop areas that are not forested, as identified through independent peer-reviewed High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments;
  • By 15 May 2015, APRIL and its suppliers halted all harvesting of mixed hardwoods. Mixed hardwoods harvested before 15 May 2015 will be utilized by APRIL’s mill before end December 2015 (Note: Under de minimis rule, small isolated areas within existing plantation concessions could be harvested only if they are not classified as HCV or HCS through the assessment process);
  • No new development by APRIL and its suppliers on forested peatland.

03 February 2017

Interim Report on the Implementation of SFMP 2.0