APRIL enforced a moratorium on natural forest clearance pending the outcome of High Conservation Values (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments by 15 May 2015. This moratorium also applies to all third-party wood suppliers to APRIL.

03 February 2016


APRIL and its suppliers support the conservation and ecosystem restoration of natural forests, and forested peatlands, and other ecologically, hydrologically and culturally important areas where APRIL operates.

Ecosystem Restoration

03 February 2016

The process of assisting with the recovery of an forest area ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged or destroyed over time. Ecosystem restoration re-establishes the area’s structural characteristics, species composition and ecological processes.

Source: APRIL Supplementary Note of SFMP 1.0

RER Website

03 February 2016


APRIL and its Long-Term Supply Partners currently protect and manage more than 250,000 hectares of conservation areas and 70,000 hectares of ecosystem restoration areas.

Conservation Area

03 February 2016

Area of forest set aside for conservation inside a production forest area. Government regulation requires that approximately ten percent of a total concession area is to be set aside for conservation. Additional conservation areas are identified through High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments.

Source: APRIL Supplementary Note of SFMP 1.0 (was defined as “Conservation zone”)

List of HCV reports

03 February 2016


APRIL will undertake landscape scale assessments and apply a landscape approach to optimize forest conservation and other land uses.

Landscape Approach

03 February 2016

A long-term collaborative process bringing together diverse stakeholders aiming to achieve a balance between multiple and sometimes conflicting objectives in a landscape and/or seascape.

Source: Prof. Jeffrey Sayer.

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03 February 2016


APRIL will establish conservation areas equal in size to APRIL’s plantation areas.