Recent external and internal audits as well as stakeholder feedback resulted in the addition of three components to the SFMP 2.0 covering chemical use, management of invasive species and genetically modified organisms (GMO). The proposed addenda were presented for the SAC’s review and subsequently endorsed by the committee. 

08 May 2018

A. Invasive Species Policy

APRIL and its suppliers commit to regular monitoring to identify any spontaneous regeneration, unusual mortality, diseases, insect outbreaks or other adverse ecological impacts. There are clear operational procedures defining effective management actions to control invasive species from sites in which they may regenerate.


08 May 2018

B. Genetically Modified Organism Use Policy

APRIL declares that no GMOs are used or are present in license areas or areas where research takes place under the company’s direct or indirect responsibility.

08 May 2018

C. Pesticides and Other Hazardous Materials Use Policy

APRIL is committed to not using any restricted materials as listed in Annex 3 of the IFCC Standard 2013, the World Health Organisation Type Ia or Ib (2013), the Stockholm Convention (2016) and the Rotterdam Convention (2015).